Construction Management

Master Planning

The process of preparing a master plan is the first step in the implementation of any long-range building program. The master plan becomes the foundation for coordinating and managing design and construction activities in the program.

The goals and objectives of the master planning process are to:

  • Provide an accurate assessment of all existing building structures, finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as accessibility and ADA compliance issues
  • Define a realistically achievable work scope that is in line with the owner’s priorities
  • Develop a master program schedule that will indicate the sequence of work on a building-by-building basis. Issues such as construction logistics, transitional housing, and contracting strategies for each project will be addressed.
  • Provide program and project budgets which will include all construction costs as well as “soft” costs, such as design fees, staffing, permits contingencies and escalation for each project within the program
  • Develop a management plan outline which will provide the structure for the ongoing management structure and control of the project